A Quick Introduction

  • The King of Fruits is a much-cherished celebrity in Pakistan. The commencement of the mango season means its addition to every family meal.
  • There are mango parties and even a local Mango Festival held in honor to the King of fruits.
  • Fruit carts laden with golden mangoes are common place in cities and towns with people picking the best of them.
  • Mango gifting is held as the most exalted gift to share with family and friends, so to this esteem the mango ensures its place in the green land of Pakistan

Gift a Kachelo Mangoes Box

Somebody is totally in love with you if they are gifting you the Kachelo mangoes or they are soon about to ask a big favor! There could be countless reasons to gift someone the world’s finest fruits, whatever yours be, we are a call away.

The World's Finest

The World's Finest

We are humbled when they say we are the world’s finest mangoes especially when it’s about keeping the farm true to its tradition and committed to innovation both at the same time. However, when it is about feasting on one of them, we feel they truly are our pride. Try them and tell us if the rumors are true!

Hang On… Here is our True Love Story

  • Our farm produces the finest mangoes. Apart from the careful human interferences of care on the farm, we practice a lot of precision and dedication to the pursuit of perfection drives us to treat each individual mango as a king.
  • Our mangoes are never sprayed upon directly as a standard practice at our farm. We never rush to harvest. A detailed study of sweetness of every variety is led by first measuring its brix content (sugar content) and make sure it is ready to be a gourmet Kachelo mango. Our own professional judgement helps us pick them at just the right time.
  • All our mangoes are handpicked with stems attached manually to ensure the fruit has a uniform sweetness and avoiding sap burns.
  • When it comes to harvesting, we start with the sunrise sides, followed by sunset sides and then, the cradle. This ensure every mango gets the right color, nutrition, texture and taste.
  • Further on, we leave the natural powder coating preservative which the mango produces to ensure a longer shelf life.
  • We hold no inventory ensuring that the daily pick is sorted and shipped straight away to your discerning table.
  • The packaging, customized down to every box, so each piece is wrapped in tissue thereby keeping all of them fixed in place within the box.Therefore preventing bruising during transportation.
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